Adir, como você aprendeu Inglês? – com áudio

Adir, como você aprendeu Inglês?Apresento para você a história de um dos maiores colaboradores do English Experts.

O professor Adir mora em Bebedouro/SP e tem uma experiência de mais 20 anos no ensino de idiomas (Espanhol e Inglês). Os artigos escritos por ele, aqui no blog, sempre fazem muito sucesso entre os leitores.

Seguem abaixo algumas informações interessantes contidas no depoimento do Prof. Adir:

  • Eu comecei a estudar Inglês em 1985 com 10 anos de idade, na época a música We are the World havia sido lançada e eu decidi traduzir a letra da musica, foi aí que tudo começou;
  • Eu estudei inglês no ginásio, mas em 1989 comecei a estudar Inglês em uma escola de idiomas;
  • Em 1992 com 17 anos eu fui convidado para trabalhar na Wizard e vi nisso uma ótima oportunidade.

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Transcrição do Podcast

Hey you all listening to this podcast from English Experts. This is Prof. Adir speaking.

First of all, I’m sorry for my voice. I’ve been kind of flu in these days, so it’s not so good.

Well, Alessandro asked me to tell you how I learned English, so I’m gonna tell you a bit of my story:

It all started in 1985. I was ten years old, and the song “We are the world” came on. Somehow, I got whole of the lyrics with the translation, and I started comparing the two languages: English and Portuguese. And, at that time, I was also giving a dictionary series and a very old English course with a booklet and four long plays. And I used to study day and night, I was really, really hard at it.

I had English classes at school, but it was back in 1989 when I started learning English at a Language Institute formally. I studied really, really hard, so I got moved on to higher levels.

In 1992, I was seventeen and I was invited to work at a Wizard school, because people knew that I already spoke English so they saw an opportunity there for me. Then, at that time, I guess I really started to learn English, because when you teach, you gotta be sure of so many things.

I really hit the books and had the help of some fellow teachers. Every higher level I was gonna teach, I used to go through the whole book, and studied front to back looking for more examples of the words there were used, did some grammar reviews and antecipated prolems students might have when I presented it to them.

Another thing that has really helped me, throughout these years, is that I’m very analytical. I just don’t browse through stuff and feel happy about it. I need to know the details. And that goes with every aspect of English: grammar, vocabulary, pronounciation and so forth. I also write a lot of stuff down and review it as much as possible. So it becomes part of my active vocabulary.

The sitcoms and tv shows have helped me improve my English too, I watch them all the time. And movies too, alone, preferably, so I can pause it and jump down things I didn’t know or wasn’t really aware of, such as collocations, slang, expressions or even the pronounciation of some difficult words.

Well, I guess this is it. There’s only one recipe for improving your English: you gotta be humble and remember that however much you know, there’s even a truckload more to learn.

Keep up the good work, take care you guys and bye-bye!

Adir, obrigado pelo depoimento.

All the best!

Técnicas de Aprendizado

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Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

12 comentários

  • 23/01/08  
    Elielson diz: 1

    Very good for you Adir, congratulations man!
    I wish I could have given the opportunity of studying english so young as you did, I started when I was 19 =/ by the way I’m 23 now.
    But anyway that’s a great story, makes people realize that we got the power to change the path of our own destiny to reach the goals in life.

    Success to you.

  • 23/01/08  
    Denilso de Lima diz: 2

    E dá-lhe Adir…

  • 24/01/08  
    Adir diz: 3

    Elielson, thanks for your kind words. If you want to learn, you will, that´s for sure! And we´re here to help you learn some more!

    Denilso, you´re a good friend and I know how much you admire and respect me and words are not enough to say how much I admire and respect you as well. =)


  • 29/01/08  
    Maria do Carmo diz: 4

    Teacher Adir..Congratulation !!! Very nice explanation and the voice is clear for me. I am studing too and admire people as you . Hope some day be speaking the same you. Sucess.. See you.

  • 26/05/08  
    Tiago Gama diz: 5

    Alright, This is the first time that I have visited this blog and I didn’t know about this website but it seems to be a very trustful one which has also helped a lot of people learn portuguese or english and this is fantastic how people felt as they were learning a second language! I really know that learning languages are very interestingand important! I have listened to some testimonies and they were all amazing! My name’s Tiago and live in Belém! I wish I could share my stoty somedy with you guys! see you

  • 02/06/08  
    Patricia Palmieri Buzzulini diz: 6

    Oi Adir..tudo bem? Me inscrevi para receber dicas diárias de inglês e quando vi seu nome logo me lembrei de vc. Cliquei para ver sua foto e era vc mesmo!! Sou a Patrícia, fizemos faculdade juntos em Bebedouro e estávamos na mesma turma de inglês, lembra-se?? Tinha me casado, um dia levei meu filho na faculdade para todos conhecerem…Nossa, fiquei super feliz em saber que vc conseguiu alcançar seus objetivos e está expert no inglês…que maravilha…eu chego lá!!Estou morando e dando aulas em Barretos, me efetivei, graças a Deus!! Mas, cada dia mais buscando conhecimentos nessa língua…Parabéns!! Você merece!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Um abração!!

  • 07/03/09  
    Rebecca diz: 7

    Perfect. That’s true!
    I’m learning english right now, I’m 14 years old, and I think is to difficult to learn. But I’m happy to know about your story.
    I’m in the US now, trying to learn. :)
    Thank you for your help.

  • 26/07/09  
    Ranieri Martin diz: 8

    Hi Adir,

    I would like to testify that, as your student, I improved much my english as well I kept in touch with spanish language by consequence of your dynamism, deep knowledge and funny classes.
    All the best guy! See ya…

  • 05/03/10  
    maria diz: 9

    congratulation!! I like to improve my english by myself and your tips are amazing and help me a lot!! keep doing this and i`ll keep folllowing the explanations as well. see ya

  • 20/05/10  

    Nice story, good example for who intend to learn any language. Practicing is the secret of all. See ya!

  • 23/05/10  
    @soalgoritmo diz: 11

    I know scienci computer but i have many difficult for leanr ingles.
    My grand difficult is speak in english, i likety to speak a thing, i gues would to be nice, a chat with voice inglish.

  • 23/05/10  
    @soalgoritmo diz: 12

    sorry, my “erro” of “ortografia”