Expressões do mundo dos esportes I (em inglês)

Os esportes são parte básica da vida do norte-americano e por isso a língua inglesa traz inúmeras expressões idiomáticas relativas aos esportes. Check them out!

1. (to be way) off base – to be completely wrong
I know I may be way off base here, but didn’t you and your girlfriend break up?

2. to come out of left field – to be completely unexpected
Gary was having a romantic dinner with his girlfriend when he mentioned that her nose was too big. That surely came out of left field.

3. dirty pool – unethical or unfair behavior
Robert let all the air out of my tires so I couldn’t get to my job interview. Then he went to the interview himself and got hired. That was dirty pool!

4. to have the ball in one’s court – to be responsible for taking the next action
I have apologized to Mark twice and he still won’t talk to me. Now the ball is in his court.

5. to play hardball – to behave or compete aggressively or ruthlessly
Be careful when you negotiate with Mr. Grant. He has a tendency to play hardball.

6. right off the bat – instantly
I fell in love with the car right off the bat and bought it that very day.

7. to settle the score – to get revenge
I’m tired of Sheila spreading rumors about me. I’m ready to settle the score!

8. to score – to succeed in seducing someone
Can you believe Ed tried to score with Mrs. Tillman, the History teacher?

9. to tackle – to try to solve a problem, usually aggressively
This is a huge problem we have to tackle before the year ends.

10. to throw in the towel – to admit defeat by quitting, to quit
No matter how hard the job is or how many challenges I have to overcome, I won’t throw in the towel.

11. to throw someone a curve – to surprise someone in a negative way
When Mark called me I thought he was going to ask me for my opinion on what to get his wife for their 20th anniversary. Turns out they were getting divorced. That really threw me a curve.

12. to touch base with someone – to keep contact with someone
We need to discuss this more thoroughly but there’s no more time. Let’s touch base tomorrow.

See you next time!

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