Como responder à pergunta, "What's up?"

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Hello, all!

I was in class with some of my most advanced students (almost perfect English) and I asked them the question below and they were not able to answer it; they didn't know. Do you?

If you're walking down the street and you see a friend coming the other direction and they say, "Hey, what's up?" How do you answer them?

I'd love to see your answers!


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I'd probabilidade say,
- Not much.
- Nothing is up.
Hi, Josh! I'm ok and you?

But I'm not absolutely sure If they are the right answers. Specially the third one.

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Outras opções:

What's up?

- the same old thing
- notta lotta / not a lot
- what's up?

Pergunta: ''I don't really know a good answer to this sentence.''

''I often hear "nothing much", "the same old thing", and "the same old same old". When people in this part of the world use the last version, it often sounds like this: "The same old same-oh". I sometimes hear the slangy answer: "Notta lotta". This is a distortion of "not a lot".''

''The most usual reply I hear is "what's up" (or more precisely "whassup") since "what's up?" is most often not an actual question but just a greeting, like "Hi" so you can just say the same thing back,''

''Often the reply to "what's up" is just "what's up"! I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's become sort of like saying "Hi" not a real question.''

''For many people, "What's up?" has taken the place of "Hello!" It is often not a genuine inquiry into what's happening with you. We say "Hello!" in response to "Hello!" People who use "What's up?" as a greeting are doing the same thing.''

- Wordreference - USA

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I may say "I am fine/everything´s okay." or something like that, what comes first to the head. It does replace "how are you?" which, in turn, seems having replaced "how are you doing?"

Now one experience of mine:
In had just entered a chat room where just English were spoken. I knew far less than I know today, my repertoire was almost nil, then I said "What´s up? "

Indeed it was intended to get a reaction, to know how to answer that question in the future...but then, some funny guy answered me, and the answer was...The sky, the clouds, the planes, the stars...

It took really a while until I understood the sarcasm. When I did, the chatter had left for hours (or it seemed) and then, I realized that it was a joke! and then I was like HA HA HA...

In plain English wazzup means "o que tem/está lá em cima?"

Most of the time they won´t kid you, but I let you know just in case. :D

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I have several english native speakers who I have been keepin' in touch with for a really long time. I admit that once I didn't know how to answer when they asked me ''whats up'' (or WASUP) but then I thought ''well I'm gonna ask them ''whats up'' and so they will answer the question correctly. They mostly answer things like ''Im watchin' tv'', ''Im playing cards with my sister'', ''I'm cleaning up the house'', ''I'm makin' my bed'' etc. Sometimes they will answer ''nothing much'' or something like this but most of time they will answer what they are doing at the moment.

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Yes, Marlon. Interesting and useful answer, really it comes in handy.

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"Hey, I was about to ask you the same thing."

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O assunto foi discutido em detalhes no English Podcast 26: Como iniciar uma conversa em inglês.

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- All of the same!

- Anything new.

- Great news! Have you already heard that ...

- Guess what! Did you know that ...