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MexicoIf you want to see your country portrayed here, post a comment on Tell us about your country. When you access it, you will be able to read an example. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.Today we’re going to meet Mexico. My friend Rodrigo will tells us a little bit about his country.

Name: Rodrigo
Country: Mexico
Job: Literature Student
Welcome: Bienvenido(singular, male or neutral), Bienvenidos (plural, male or neutral) Bienvenida (singular female) Bienvenidas (female, plural)

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Text: What can I say about Mexico? It’s an amazing place, we have every single ecosystem in the world, we have oil, full natural resources, water, beautiful tourist places, natural wonders, a rich History… however we have one big and ominous drawback: we’re too close to the USA. So that’s basically it, the country moves to please the USA government, that’s us: USA backyard.

But still, one of these days we’re gonna be able to free ourselves from that influence and then… and then Mexico will be a great first world nation but even cooler because we have nice weather! (if Mr. bush doesn’t destroy the world before).

By the way, it’s spelled Mexico with an x… Not Mejico.

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  • 22/02/09  
    Mariah diz: 1

    Adorei a materia. Esse site é maravilhoso.
    See you!

  • 26/03/10  
    maria do rozario diz: 2

    This subject is great. It shows us the the good things of the countries.