Aprenda Inglês Assistindo Filmes: Segunda Temporada

Hey friends! Let’s continue learning idioms through Movies and TV series. Today, I picked a very popular TV Series: LOST. I’m sure most of you know it, but let me tell you in ‘broad strokes’ (in a general way, without giving details) that the plot is about a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, somewhere in the South Pacific. The examples below belong to Lost’s second season.That said, let’s learn a couple of idioms: in the loop & out of the loop.

To be in the loop means to be provided with information (usually known to only a privileged few) and included in a decision-making process.

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For example, “Hurley then says he’d be more help if Jack kept him in the loop.”

This expression uses loop in the sense of “a circle of individuals among whom information or responsibility circulates.” The antonym is to be out of the loop, meaning “left out of such a circle”.

For example, “…and poor Sun and Jin are so out of the loop that they didn’t seem to know that Michael had returned, much less that Libby and Ana-Lucia were dead.”

This statement means Sun and Jin are not part of the privileged group that knows everything that’s going on in the island.

Now, let’s check examples from other sources:

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Alias – Season 3
“Sydney tries to manipulate the CIA to stay in the loop of the organization (they don’t trust her because of her absence).”

24 – Season 2 (3:00 P.M.- 4:00 P.M.)
“Sherry reveals that Ron refused her deal. She then asks her ex-husband if she can stay in the loop.”

“Feeling a little out of the loop for never having attended college, Phoebe comes up with a fake story involving a sorority named ‘Thigh-Mega-Tampon, which was shut down after Regina Phalange died of alcohol poisoning’.”

Finally…if you are out of the loop, and you want to become fully informed or up to date, you can say: “Bring me up to speed”.

Karin from Guatemala


Karin Sequen

Karin é Guatemalteca e trabalha como analista de sistemas em seu país. Participa de diversos grupos no Yahoo onde discute sobre o idioma inglês. Colabora periodicamente com o English Experts.

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