Introducing the Participants: Business English

Introducing the Participants: Business English

Hello you guys, this is the second part of business meetings vocabulary. First, there’s a dialogue, then the vocabulary explanation. Hope you like it!

Before we begin, I would like to take a moment to introduce the participants who have graciously agreed to share their time with us today. I believe that all of you already know me, Alex Aurora, the CEO of Vision Corporation.

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On my immediate right is Ms. Hannah Graff, the account representative from our marketing consulting firm. She has been a visionary leader in coordinating the focus groups and helping us identify our target market.

On my far right, the gentleman in the gray suit is Mr. Chris Banda, who is the Senior Vice President of Product Development. Over the past few months, he has shown great flexibility and willingness to adapt his product features to better meet our customers’ needs.

And last but not least, I’d like to introduce our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Shawn Edwards. He has been coordinating our marketing efforts for the past seven years, and his hard work is culminating in today’s presentation.

With that, I’ll turn it over to our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shawn Edwards, who will lead the proceedings today. Thank you to all of you for being here, and welcome.


  • take a moment – do something for a short period of time; to pause or interrupt for a short time to do something; to delay the beginning of something briefly to do something
  • graciously – generously; kindly; very thoughtfully; politely
  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer; the person who leads a business, similar to a company president
  • immediate – next to; nearest; on the side of
  • visionary – full of new, creative, and intelligent ideas for the future
  • focus group – a small group of people who are asked to give their opinions about a product or a topic
  • target market – the group of people that a company wants to sell its product to, usually with the same sex, race, education, and economic status
  • far – distant; not near or next to
  • willingness – ready or prepared to do something; agreeing to do something
  • feature – characteristic; something that a product has or does
  • last but not least – a phrase used to introduce the last person or thing in a group, meaning that it is not less important than the other people or things already mentioned
  • with that – a phrase used to show that one part of something has ended and now it is time to move to the next part
  • to turn (something) over to (someone) – to put someone in control of something
  • to lead the proceedings – to run or guide a meeting or discussion

Take care!

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