Expressões Informais em Inglês no Mundo dos Relacionamentos

Expressões Informais em Inglês no Mundo dos Relacionamentos

Hoje trago um pequeno texto com expressões bem informais no mundo dos relacionamentos com sua explicação em inglês. Confira:

Last night I was at a bar with my friend Mike and he told me that a girl was checking me out. I was kind of shy to go say hello because the last time I did this the girl thought I was coming on to her and she blew me off before I even had the chance to introduce myself. Mike said that he wasn´t surprised because I usually strike out after using my pick-up lines. But I guess that girl was just playing hard to get and that reminded me of Laura Smithson. A year ago some mutual friends fixed us up because they thought we would hit it off. Turns out she was on the rebound so I didn’t want to get involved. I tried to let her down easy but she got furious and threw a fit in front of the whole restaurant.

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Explicação das expressões em negrito:

  • Check out – to look, to observe someone
  • Come on to someone – to flirt with someone
  • Blow someone off – to reject someone
  • Strike out – to fail
  • Pick-up lines – “cantadas”
  • Play hard to get – pretend not to be interested
  • Fix someone up – introduce someone (with love intentions)
  • Hit it off – enjoy each other´s company
  • On the rebound – eager to get back into a relationship after recently ending one
  • Let someone down easy – to reject someone gently
  • Throw a fit – make a scene

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Adir Ferreira

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