Expressões informais no mundo dos relacionamentos

Encontro no BarHoje trago um pequeno texto com expressões bem informais no mundo dos relacionamentos com sua explicação em inglês. Confira:

Last night I was at a bar with my friend Mike and he told me that a girl was checking me out. I was kind of shy to go say hello because the last time I did this the girl thought I was coming on to her and she blew me off before I even had the chance to introduce myself. Mike said that he wasn´t surprised because I usually strike out after using my pick-up lines. But I guess that girl was just playing hard to get and that reminded me of Laura Smithson. A year ago some mutual friends fixed us up because they thought we would hit it off. Turns out she was on the rebound so I didn’t want to get involved. I tried to let her down easy but she got furious and threw a fit in front of the whole restaurant.

Explicação das expressões em negrito:

  • Check out – to look, to observe someone
  • Come on to someone – to flirt with someone
  • Blow someone off – to reject someone
  • Strike out – to fail
  • Pick-up lines – “cantadas”
  • Play hard to get – pretend not to be interested
  • Fix someone up – introduce someone (with love intentions)
  • Hit it off – enjoy each other´s company
  • On the rebound – eager to get back into a relationship after recently ending one
  • Let someone down easy – to reject someone gently
  • Throw a fit – make a scene

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Adir Ferreira

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