1-right, 11 belly, pass on 2 (jogada de futebol americano)

1-right, 11 belly, pass on 2

Alguém saberia explicar essa jogada de futebol americano, pleaaase!


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I am not versed into the football language, but from the following Forum the description matches the numbers you brough up.

The Belly series accounted for 65% of our rushing yards,

So, 11 the above number match the fact of bellies accounting for 65%, the majority of runs. Bellies 1 and 2 are the main ones.

Ref. jcfb.forums

Involves plays where the QB fakes to one back and hands off to another

Ref. jcfb.forums

Don't you think it is too soon for diving on the technicalities of football? I mean, what is your level of English? Just wondering about this... That very question showed up on Reddit!
Again, no problem with questions, but let's respect our own pace of learning and levels. Please, don't get me wrong, I have already answered your questions before, it's just that ithis one strikes me as too early a thing. I could be wrong, though.