17 Everyday Words You Just Might Be Mispronouncing

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17 Everyday Words You Just Might Be Mispronouncing... And Why You Need To Stop

There’s nothing more irritating to a pedant’s ear than someone saying “mischievious” instead of “mischievous,” and nothing more embarrassing than realizing you’ve been pronouncing the word mischievous with an extra i for your whole life. Despite the judgment we exhibit toward people who err in enunciating, we all mispronounce a word from time to time, despite our best efforts.

A recent study attempted to determine the most frequently mispronounced English words in Britain, concluding that 82 percent of Britons frequently mispronounce words. The study’s list of the most common mispronunciations included terms like prescription, espresso, and several location names. One of the locations, the railway station St. Pancras International, commissioned the study due to their frustration at the constant confusion of their name with the word pancreas.
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