4ª-Expressões Interessantes em Inglês ("pin-prick test")

(“Teste da picada de alfinete”)

LESSON A: Always do the “pin-prick test” before burying someone.
1A — Do not try to bury someone before to make sure that he is really dead, because it may be cruel.
2A — Do not turn your back on someone who seems to be dead to you.

LESSON B: Other uses of the pin-prick test:
1B — Take it if you want to know the size of someone’s nails. (This is what can show you a “lion” quiet sitting on the shade with his nails on the paws[?] hidden under the skins: if you plant pins anywhere in his body he’ll right show you the size of his nails.) Well. About a “lion”, everybody knows that he has long nails, even though these usually remain hidden; thus no need to provoke him, unless he is old... But who knows. Play it safe.
2B — At last, maybe the best is to restrict the use of the pin-prick test, reserving it only for those cases of apparent death...; or does it also when you take a kitten...
Make sure that it is really a pussy cat, not an old lion in disguise...

— My Goodness, I must be going crazy! What a nonsense!
Sorry, folks. But I hope it makes any sense for someone.

Please, try to disguise your disappointment.
I’ve been studying about it — “a blessing in disguise”. (...)

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