68 Accents of English

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Very interesting video of 68 different accents from all around the world including Brazil. I don`t think the Brazilian accent is very similiar to our accent but whatever, the video is still very interesting.
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Ha ha ha ha! I would say this girl is into stand up comedy or had voice classes...or else she has much time in her hands, perhaps surfing all cable TV channels, judging from her comanding faces like this! good imitation, tough.
As for the Brazilian accent, she perhaps have met a shy Brazilian girl, who knows?
Southern Belle reminded of something movies I watched some time ago, tough I couldn´t place where and remember the titles.
Maritime seems genuinely credible, obviously she got the worst case scenario, a navigator where you can´t try as you might communicate to, generally it happens via radio.
Ridiculously Posh, ha ha ha, oh my! incredibly exaggerated, but almost real!
She choose the right sounds to voice the Austria ones, I never met one in my life, but judging by the Germans I watched on DW channel (Austrians speak some German, and the accent might be close to that one...)
Ah, the German was almost perfect, oh my, I hope the Germans excuse me for my kidding.
By her account, the Kiwis are such sleepy!
Maybe she does works with voice training and all that jazz, or acting or who-knows-what-else.
Anyway she made a good job and certainly her friends will seek her to have a nail painting. She made the franchising at the very last, at all.

BTW, I wonder why she apologize to the Brits/England people, says it for fun (so it´s for kicks) but not to everyone else? interesting!