A frase "If I was to go to Japan" está correta?

A frase "If I was to go to Japan" está correta?
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Está sim.

"If I were" is called the subjunctive mood, to things that aren´t true (mostly things impossible to be true or to happen) or you wished it were true.
They are sometimes called "contrary to fact" statements.

As for "if I was" is used to hypothesize about something that could have happened. That is, it-could-be-true facts OR some that could have been a possibility.

If he were a woman, he would have lots of babies. (he is not a woman - contrary to fact.)

If I were you, I would study harder. (I am not you. It is impossible for me to be you.)

If I were a bird, I would... (contrary to fact)

If I were the president of my country, I would... (it´s an impossibility, at the moment of speaking, of course.)

If I was wrong, I am sorry. (I might have been wrong.) chances are that I was wrong...
So, "in (the) case I was wrong..."
It´s not an impossibility that I was wrong, then.

If I was rude to you, then I am sorry. (chances are, say I might have been rude to you, or not rude to you - I apologize in the case the former is factual...or even if you feel as if it was factual.)

If it was raining yesterday in Winter Haven, the waterski show was probably called off. (was - because there is a chance that it was raining.)

By stating "If I was to go to Japan... " I am in the realm of possibilities, chances are that I go there, I could have been offered two or more countries to go. My choice could be Germany, but I think "if I was to go to Japan"...

Or I could "daydream" thinking of the possibilities, "hmmm, if I was to go to Japan..." but then "if I was to go to France"... But wait! "If I was to go to South Korea..."