A palavra mais bonita de se ouvir em inglês

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The most beautiful-sounding word in English, according to 100s of our users, is . . .

Tons of people also shared their own choice for the best-sounding word or phrase in English. The results are eclectic, poetic and exotic. Below are the words which (unscientifically) were suggested by the greatest number of people. You’ll also find some of the most colorful and surprising suggestions and comments. . . . (1,170 comments)
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Check out this site for funny misunderstood song lyrics: http://kissthisguy.com/funny.php

For example, the Canadian national anthem has a line that sounds like:

Oh Canada, we stand on cars and freeze...

(Real Lyrics: Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee...)

(I was just out there, and, yes, you will freeze...)
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12420 1 22 210
Some song lyrics played a prank on me. This particular one[1] ended with what sounded "Yes it's much too late for the bus." It in reality sung, "Yes it's much too late for good-byes."

[1] Too Late For Goodbyes, by Julian Lennon.
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In the poem Annabel Lee, [Edgar Allan Poe], considered to be one of the most beautiful poems in the English language, its rhymes and rhythm suggest the undulating sea waves, swaying small waves that go to and fro in each strophe and gather momentum until they splash at the beaking point: "chilling and killing my Annabel Lee" and recede. The whole poem sounds as a big wave that grows, comes forth and goes back to the initial calm. Awesome!!!

'Annabel Lee' traduzido por Fernando Pessoa
Avatar do usuário jlmmelo 2415 8 66
I´m enthusiastic and passionate about this poem and know it by heart since 1972... rsrs
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 10000 3 16 177
From another post, I just thought of two words with sounds that I really like

bubblylicious (and)
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3925 1 9 88
I like the word "flavour", especially because it starts with "flav"
Avatar do usuário jlmmelo 2415 8 66
I´ve forgotten to say (for those who didn´t understand my last post): I think the most beautiful-sounding words in English are:
chilling and
killing my
Annabel Lee.
Avatar do usuário Adriano Japan 815 2 17
Definitely, Passion Fruit, uma das palavras mais bonitas do inglês! :D

No português, nem tanto vai.. rs
Mas esse é o *poder* de uma língua estrangeira, pra mim, "passion fruit" fica mais gostoso do que lembrar que estou comendo "maracujá"! :roll:
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I'm not writing it in a religious way, but JESUS CHRIST sounds really nice in English! Its pronunciation is amazing!

That's it!