A rapid at-home covid-19 test — for under $50 — just got FDA approval

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Achei interessante a publicação à seguir que se refere à liberação de um teste rápido e fácil para controle da Covid-19. Vale lembrar que os EUA enfrentam de longe os números mais graves de contaminação vs morte se comparado ao resto do mundo. Para "resolver" ou minimizar esse problema (que é de todos por isso o "pan" da pandemia) nada como a tecnologia para nos socorrer.
Espero que gostem da leitura:
A Rapid at-home Covid-19 test — for under $50 — just got FDA approval

People who think they were exposed to the coronavirus face a number of logistical obstacles in the United States to get tested: Many tests take days to produce results, require leaving quarantine to visit a medical professional, or — most likely — both.

That could change with Lucira Health’s “All-In-One” test kit, which on Tuesday became the first rapid, at-home test authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

The California biotechnology company’s single-use home test kit, which it expects to sell for less than $50, requires a prescription from a doctor. As winter approaches and infections have surged in most states, the at-home test will allow people who are possibly infected to not have to go into clinics or hospitals to get tested, potentially spreading a virus that has already killed more than 247,000 people in the United States.

Unlike rapid antigen tests, which experts warn can be unreliable, the kit will test genetic material in a method similar to the laboratory tests that have become the standard for detecting the virus. After swirling the nasal specimen into a solution, home-testers plug the vial into a portable, battery-operated device, which uses a light to indicate the test result within 30 minutes. A positive test result can be generated in as few as 11 minutes.
The Washington Post By Teo Armus and Meryl Kornfield - November 18, 2020 at 10:02 a.m. GMT-3

Para aqueles que aventurarem na leitura, segue um pequeno vocabulário:

FDA-Food and Drug Administration: Órgão que libera vacinas, testes, medicamentos, etc. Nos US similar à ANVISA no Brasil;
quarantine: quarentena;
all-in-one test kit: kit de teste all in one / completo (tudo em um só kit);
at home test: teste doméstico / que pode ser feito em casa;
single-use home test kit: kit de teste doméstico de uso único;
unreliable: não confiável;
home-testers plug the vial into a portable, battery-operated device: As pessoas que usam esse teste doméstico conectam o frasco a um dispositivo portátil operado por bateria. **
** Devido à complexidade do trecho optei pela tradução integral do mesmo.

"In such dark times, it is important that options arise to deal with the pandemic, especially in countries like The United States of America where contamination seems to spread quickly and with increasingly alarming numbers. It is comforting to know that there is still hope and that science is available to help solve several problems and major issues for humans."

See you around.
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