"A self-taught one is an ignorant by his own efforts. >Do you agree with this Mario Quintana's quote?

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* Mario de Miranda Quintana (July 30, 1906—May 5, 1994), was a Brazilian writer, poet, and translator. Born in Alegrete, State of Rio Grande do Sul. He was considered a poet of simple things, with a style marked by IRONY, profundity, and technical perfection. He worked as a journalist almost all his life and translated more than one hundred and thirty works, notably French and English!
Mario Quintana
Mario Quintana
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He used irony and 'profundity' (certainly meaning he was perceptive), so one more ironic aphorisms of the man.

Aphorism: a short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth. Oscar Wilde anyone? (or Millor Fernandes if you wish).

"A self-taught one is an ignorant by his own efforts."

I know only that I know nothing... would we naively think that Socrates knew nothing at all? No, he just came to that juncture in which he let us know about man's limitation.
Likewise, the self-taught is an ignorant by his own efforts. (could also be seem that there is some efforts involved anyway).