A young man comes before a customs agent

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Customs agent = agente da alfândega.
Citizenship = cidadania.
Hold on there = "'Pera aí!"
Buddy = meu amigo, meu camarada.
Sed = pronúncia errada de said.
I've got it = já sei! Ex.: "Alguma ideia pro jantar? Já sei, pizza!"
Bruder = brother.
Pinked it up = pronúncia errada de picked it up = atender o telefone.

A young man comes before a customs agent.

A: "State your citizenship."
B: "American" (pronounced with a Spanish accent).

A: "Hold on there, buddy. Say that again."
B: "I sed American."

A: "I'm going to give you a test."
B: "No, no señor, no need for test, I tell you I'm American."

A: "Yeah, sure buddy. OK, let's see, ... I've got it. Make a sentence with the following words: green, pink and yellow."
B: "Oh señor, I tell you I'm American. But OK, let's see... I was at my bruder-in-laws house and the phone went "green, green", I pinked it up and sed yellow!"