ABBA's Heavy Use of English Idioms

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ABBA's Heavy Use of English Idioms
I love ABBA and their native language might be an explanation to their remarkable achievement!

Yeah, that's a funny thing. They needed help with their early songs, enter Neil "Squeal" Sedaka. You'll notice, too, how so many of their lyrics are filled with English cliche phrases, or idioms, if you prefer.

1. I've not known another foreign group to have so much of this in their English songs. Really, lots and lots of idioms, a few listed here:

a taste for the world
buses I've missed (missed the bus)
can't get him off my mind
does it show again
face it
feeling blue
feeling down
feet of clay
first in line
give me a break
give me a call
have a ball
head over heels
how can I carry on
lose control
name of the game
no exception to the rule
no hard feelings
on top of this
one chance in a lifetime (chance of a lifetime)
played all my cards
put me to the test
reach me
take a chance on me
take it or leave it
take me in your arms
taking the chair
winner takes it all

2. The singers, being Swedish, don't distinguish between the /z/ or /s/ sounds, so "affairs" rhymes with "scarce," for example.

I'm not knocking the group (I do prefer Carpenters and think of ABBA as Carpenters doubled); I just can't get past these two things to fully "let down my hair" with them.
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I love ABBA,I mean it!
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Dá para se aprender muito de inglês ouvindo ABBA!
Nasceu de uma mescla das iniciais dos integrantes do grupo, formado por Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus y Agnetha Fältskog que deram origem ao nome ABBA, nome que adaptaram para atuar no Eurovisión (1974) e ganhar com a canção: Waterloo. Uma empresa sueca de pescado enlatado também teria esse nome, mas não se incomodou em compartilhá-lo.
Abba really makes lots of mistakes in the language, sometimes I don't understand some things, just like:

I've tried to reach for you
If I got me a wealthy man.
(the right form would be "myself" intead of "me" and I've never seen the word "wealthy".

Perhaps these problems happen because they weren't American or English, they were Swedish.
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Josneywat, seems to me all pop music is loaded with cliches. Cliches are what average folks know and respond to, after all, so it's not surprising. Is there any other foreign group with as big an output as ABBA in English? Wouldn't they win the cliche record just on that basis? I don't know.

I have a healthy respect for Neil Sedaka's enduring creativity and output. Many great pop artists have recorded his songs over several decades.

Theu, I wouldn't call these "mistakes," as if the song writers didn't know they were departing from "standard English." People do use those phrases in colloquial, everyday English.