About x around x by: Em relação a localização/posição

Percebi que essas preposicoes referem-se a lugares.
qual a difrenca entre :

there is something about
there is something around
there is something by

se possivel,indique-me algum site de gramatica bom,que eu possa encontrar mais explicacoes sobre
as preposicoes.
obrigado a todos que responderem.
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About pode ser advérbio, preposição, ou adjetivo.


1. Indicando proximidade de valor
-What time shall I pick you up?
-About eight.

2. Indicando proximidade de lugar
Be careful! There's a fierce dog about.

3. Indicando várias direções
I hate when Flávio orders me to go about.


1. Indicando conexão
His opinion about this topic is relevant.
A film about racial bias.
I'm worried about my brother.

2. Indicando desordem
Please, don't leave you books lying about on the shelves.


1. Indicando intenção de fazer algo em breve
The year is about to come to an end.

By pode ainda expressar:

1. Não mais tarde do que
Be back by midnight.

2. Medida ou quantidade
This piece of land is twenty meters by thirty.
The minimum wage will be increased by less than 10%.

3. Durante
More and more workers have to sleep by day and work by night.

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Hi there,

About is an adverb, meaning 1. approximately. It is commonly used to indicate time:
Ex. It is about ten o' clock

2. Very Close to:
This is about the best we can hope for.

3 (especially British English) In many directions; here and there.
The children were rushing about in the garden.

Around is an adverb too, meaning 1 Approximately, very similar to about in this sense
He arrived around five o'clock.

2 on every side; surrounding somebody/something (differ from about this sense)
a yard with a fence all around.

3 (especially North American English) (British English usually round) moving in a circle
How do you make the wheels go around? (very common meaning of this word)

4 in or to many places
We were all running around trying to get ready in time.
This is our new office—Kay will show you around.

By is a preposition meaning 1 near somebody/something; at the side of somebody/something; beside somebody/somethinga house by the river
The telephone is by the window.
Come and sit by me.

2 used, usually after a passive verb, to show who or what does, creates or causes something
He was knocked down by a bus.

3 used for showing how or in what way something is done
The house is heated by gas.

source Oxford Dictionary :lol:

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