Ain't, too much informal?

Joarez.GN 915 3 13
What's up folks, is everything fine? I hope so.

I've been thinking about the way I'm going when I speak English, so, what I could notice was that:

- I'm quite often using "ain't". (informally talking)
- I'm saying "ni**a" too much. (informally talking)

What are you guys opinions about "ain't" and "ni**a" ?
Should I stop it ?

I have seen some English youtubers saying that, it's not good to say it.
I have this question because since i'm not a native speaker, I might sound so much desperate and forced.

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PPAULO 53115 6 42 956
Your Youtuber friends are right, if you are not living in some kind of hoods and is talking to some buddies. Yes, it´s waaaay informal.

Joarez.GN 915 3 13
Yeah, I've got some rap influences from there, that is why.
As I don't know the exact meaning of the most words, I got hooked on then for some points, such as pronnounce, or some stuff...

But I'll try to be more careful, since I'm going to do my master abroad, I wanna be polite, haha.


PPAULO 53115 6 42 956
No problem, you can always use when singing along a rap tune, so you don´t miss it. :-) Good luck with your studies and congrats on the fact of English being the object of study.