Alguem legenda esse video pra mim?

É a segunda parte do video já legendado do maskara

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(Legendar em ingles e colocar aqui nas respostas só ate a parte 2:56, é que eu tentei legendar até essa parte e quero ver se fiz certo)

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3 respostas
Na primeira parte eu achava que o nome da cidade era Egg City mas desta vez ouvi que é Edge City, e não sabia o nome de Chad e achava que era Chet, e por aí vai. Então..

0:11 - Mister! That's government property!
0:28 - good to finally spend some quality time together, huh Champ?
0:32 - Yeah... listen, shouldn't we be looking for Walter?
0:34 - Yeah - tell that to the boys!
0:41 - Well.. ok, I mean it's not half my face he's got.
0:48 - ??? A stealing troglodyte must PAY!
1:04 - Return my face now... and no-one gets hurt! Walt? Oh well.. missed him. Back to enjoying my day.
1:17 - Enough takin' it easy on you kid - wait till I get you to the Cocobongo!!
1:20 - Look. Don't you think it's more important to find Walter?
1:24 - HA! Not with your rhythm white boy! We gotta teach you to DANCE!
1:34 - Don't do that!
1:36 - Paws off! Why is it everyone wants to touch the FACE!
1:40 - I can't let anyone see me like this. My.. you know.. secret identity is hanging out all over the place!
1:47 - Stanley!! Well, well, well! Long break, huh?
1:52 - Oh! Uh.. I I I I forgot to tell you - I had a uh uh uh an appointment with a an MD uh an uh you know, a uh uh Doc.
2:00 - ehhhh... right.... I need you to mail this important document.
2:04 - Sure thing, Charlie.
2:05 - You know, Stan - you outta watch out for that Chad. He covered for your absence just fine. In fact, he'll cover for you tonight at the Cocobongo. That is - unless you're still going..
2:19 - Yes! No! Yess.. No.. Yes! No ..
2:31 - I'd say I'm definitely not sure!
2:39 - Ugh!! And you wonder why you don't get promoted!
2:43 - Phew! That was close!
2:45 - You know, Stan.. you're really underestimating the popularity of the Cocobongo salad bar, babe! They have ??
2:52 - For the last time, that's not a Walter kind of hangout!
3:08 - No Walter here.. let's go.
3:11 - Oh no! I LIKE this joint! It has character!
3:19 - At least I wont see anyone I know in here!
3:21 - See ya tomorrow, Agnus.
3:29 - What'll ya have?
3:31 - The Split Pea Soup... uhh coffee .. just .. for me, please? Yeah me too and, say, can you pour the decaf on his side of the cup and make the other side regular?
3:39 - Look bud. You want a drink - you order a man's drink!
3:43 - OOOOH! Then make it a red-hot, battery acid, pile-driver, extra-formaldehyde, in a dirty glass with a black-widow spider ridin on the olive!
3:54 - We're out of olives.
3:58 - Don't even think about it..
4:09 - Hey, we don't like Halloweeny yuppies in here!
4:13 - Yeah, we eat punks like you for breakfast!
4:19 - OH OH OH, I see we haven't been flossing after every punk!
4:24 - We were just leaving...
4:26 - What do ya mean 'we'? I didn't break you in two yet!
4:31 - AVAST YE! Did you hags get in here because it's ladies' night?
4:45 - Back off see! Or you're swiss cheese!
4:48 - Uh .. the the the pen is mightier than the sword..
4:54 - So this is what I do as you..
4:56 - It's the voodoo I do!
5:08 - A great first day, Doc! I'm finally putting away those old urges! I even met an old nerd from high school and left him alone! Well.. I really wanted to flush him - but I resisted!
5:22 - Uhh Doc - I got something I gotta take care of.. Call ya back.
5:27 - Hey big guy! That's the worst shoe-shine I've ever seen! Ehh hehh huhh huhh
5:42 - What is this???
5:54 - I am king of the jungle! Woo.. watch out!
5:57 - Hey Charlie!
6:01 - Chad! Hakuna matata, my man! Ya made it!
6:06 - Oh.. I made it, alright!
6:09 - Chad, woah...
6:11 - ain't I a gasser? (???)
6:13 - Where's Stanley?
6:17 - A definite maybe, my man. Say, Chad, did you forget your medication before you got dressed?
6:24 - You should talk! You look like a floor rug! I think I'll skin you alive!
6:33 - No! No No!!! Chad! Chad NOOOO!
6:40 - When you see Ipkiss, tell him to meet me at Edge City High... for a little 'night school'!
6:50 - Huh huh huh Yeah! 'Night School'! huh huh uh
você escolheu um show abarrotado de gírias. Se tiver dúvidas sobre qualquer frase basta perguntar.
Valeu cara por ter legendado outra vez
mas eu não consigui traduzir essa frase
Enough takin' it easy on you kid
O que quer dizer?

E se vc tiver alguma duvida sobre portugues pode me perguntar
E se vc quizer treinar portugues me add no skype wesley kenshiro
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