And so this is Xmas. And what have you done?

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This week I received an interesting email which was a “letter” from Jesus. In this letter, He detailed all the “fuss” that we make over Christmas time: lots of parties, shopping, many gifts being given, but - so sad - many people simply forget what they are celebrating.

Getting together with family is nice, but do you really take the love that He preaches to these gatherings? And do we take any of this love to our daily routine, which is undoubtedly the best gift He could want?

I had a problem this year and for many months I said: “I’m lying it in the hands of God”, till the day He said: “Hey, I can help you, since you give me a hand and do your part instead of staying there just crying and complaining about life”. Since then He has been all the time right here beside me, helping me see some things that were quite foggy before, and even cheering me up when I didn’t really want to smile. He has also taught me that when we spread love, it comes back to us, bigger and stronger.

P.s.1: The question was based on Happy Xmas (War is Over), by John Lennon.

P.s.2: I apologize to the forum members who do not celebrate Christmas. I hope you don’t feel offended.

P.s.3: Did you chose the right person to be given such a good gift this Christmas? And have you chosen something this person really needs?

P.s.4: Now it is your turn: What have you done?
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w.slayman 110
Cristina and myself have decided that Christmas has become way too commercial, and has lost much of its true meaning. Therefore we have decided to cut way back on buying presents, and instead we will help the less fortunate by providing clothes, meals, and dontations to "Toys for Tots", the "Salvation Army", and "Heavenly Blessings Mission. The former is a US Marine Corps Reserve annual toy drive to provide a toy to a young child who would not otherwise get one, and the latter two provide aid for people who are distitute or nearly so. We have also invited a 91 year old man who does not have a family to spend Christmas Day with us.

We feel that helping others is much more in keeping with the true meaning of Christmas, as referenced in the accounts of the birth of Christ.

Betto Lima
Well, I agree with Bill about the Christmas today to be commercial.
Christmas today is more about Santa Claus than about Jesus.
And what is worse... We let this happen and we are led by the wave...

One good film to we watch is "The Ultimate Gift" or in Portuguese (O Presente).
It isn't exactly about Christmas but I remembered it now... :D

Merry Christmas for everyone!!!