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Hello Everybody!
I'm very excited on the idea of having a daily on line, and i've some questions to ask. Firstly, how my biggest difficult is the pronounce (you know, I usually read and listen more than I talk ) i'd like to know if i can post here with audio too. this way, i could receive feedback from users about the two things and it would be great for me to improve my skills at the language. A second thing before start my own daily writing, is the following: is this area only for travelers? I mean, i'd appreciate if I could create my daily to share things about my learning, but about other things too. Of course, things related to me and the language.

Thanks for answering, older members or moderators.

Please, keep reading and helping me. Cya!

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Hey you! What's up?
I'm really glad to see our forum users posting audio! One of the main goals of recording audio is the opportunity to improve our speaking and so other users can listen, comment and help! Which means, of course you can post with audio, feel free to do it whenever you want!
Besides that, this area is not for travelers... I mean, the way that you think it is, it's not!
This area is for our users to post their stories about their first contact with English, why they are here and how they are improving... You can come to this post here and add more information, there's no limit. This post is yours, so use it!
I hope I (we) can help you improve your speaking and send me a thumbs up if you understand everything!
Welcome and see ya!
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