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Hello there, I hope all of you guys are well. :)

So today I came (in like a wrecking ball, ok I will stop :P ) here to share with you guys an amazing App that I have found out by accident.
Phrasal Verbs Machine was developed by Cambridge University Press and this little video will show you how this wonderful thing works.
Description: At Cambridge University Press, we know that Phrasal verbs are complicated for non-native English speakers to learn and use. We also know that it's essential to use them if we want our writing and speaking to sound natural. However, studying unending lists doesn't seem to be the best way to learn and use them efficiently. Phrasal verbs are, more than anything, action. And action must be visual. The more visually stimulating the learning, the better we will understand and assimilate the phrasal verbs
Remember: it is just a complement for all your studies.
PVM is available on Google Play and Apple Store

I hope that helps.
See you next time.
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Perhaps this website can help you:


Caio Almeida 450 2 12
Hey Mps :)

You will find this App on Google Play here.

I hope that helps.

mps08 15

Phrasal Verbs are so hard to learn all of their meanings that even after a couple 5 years studying it, I still can't seem to have a tight grip on them! :D

I think all the big English Teaching Universities around the world should appeal to an easier way of transmitting the knowledge, with good examples and lucidity. That really helps! ;)

Hope I find some Android version...