Argentina 1978--Jogo Combinado?

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De tempos em tempos surgem comentários sobre o que realmente aconteceu na Copa do Mundo de 1978 na Argentina,quando venceram mas não convenceram em termos de legalidade.Vejam artigo:By Ashley Gray

Colombian mafia claims a helping hand in Argentina's 1978 World Cup triumph

Colombian mafia bribed players to help Argentina win the 1978 World Cup, it has been claimed.

The son of an infamous drug lord nicknamed 'The Chess Player' claims certain family members paid Peru players to lose against the hosts.
Argentina won 6-0 and ensured their place in the final by finishing above group rivals Brazil on goal difference and went on to beat Holland 3-1 to clinch their first world title.

Fernando Rodriguez, who will reveal more details in a book about his father Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, said: "We have photos and statements emerging in the book, the full story of how the deal was done."

The Chess Player is serving a 30-year prison sentence in the United States after pleading guilty to charges of conspiring to import 200 tons of cocaine to the country.
The book will also claim Gilberto Rodriguez had a relationship with Argentina star Diego Maradona and once tried to sign him for Colombian club America de Cali for $3million.
Fernando Rodriguez, who counts former Newcastle player Faustino Asprilla among his friends, says his family's mafia organisation had laundered more than $50m in Argentinian football, in which his uncle, Miguel Rodriguez, had made links from 1974.

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