Artigo do Marcelo Tas no The NY Times

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Interesting! Marcelo Tas escreveu um artigo pro The NY Times: ... s2014&_r=0

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I sometimes have watched Marcelo Tas on his TV show, he cohost the CQC. He functions as the anchorman in the lead there. He is very observant of things, satirical, and have a sharp mind indeed.
I always had that notion that an humorist have always to be very skilled, since they have to be up-to-date, bring people togheter, make points and oversee the dynamics of interactions of society at large.
Mr. Tas has been the point in case, although I am not a big fan of CQC format, it goes without any doubt that the guy is good at humour, along with funny (and informative) observations. This, from long ago, from the time he worked at the MTV channel. Certainly he watches mostly cable TV at home, not the open channels. That´s where he gets lots of information. :lol: Just kidding around. :lol:
I am proud and happy for seeing Brazilians show their opinion abroad, as they do nowadays.