Award x Prize: Qual a diferença?

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Hi people,

I've a little doubt when to use "prize" or "award" term. I "nem sequer" ( :) )know when to use one or another one term. Can you give me some examples?

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award vs prize
A prize is more solid or concrete: a thing, an object, usually of some material value. It is almost always won in some kind of competition involving skill and/or luck. The prize may be part of or the whole objective in the competition.

An award is something more abstract: to show recognition you receive for individual work, an ability, some kind of excellence….and not necessarily in competition with others. Awards are often symbolized by trophies, certificates, plaques, medals, badges, pins or ribbons. It may be totally unexpected.
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I have a little question about when to use 'prize'
or 'award'.

Prize and award are almost the same. Both are something that a person receives. An award is an honor given for distinction in service or in scholarship or other accomplishments. A prize can be given to honor a person like the Nobel prize, but a prize can also be given to the winner of a contest or a lottery (where luck, not achievement determines who gets the prize).

A prize can also be something that you get for free. Cereal for children sometimes comes with a prize in the package to entice children to ask their Mother to buy it for them.

A prize is given for a contest or a drawing. For example, the first place prize maight be a car, the second place prize might be a vacation, the third place prize might be a flat screen TV.

An award is a prize given for outstanding service or accomplishments.

The nobel prize is a prestigious award for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace.

At charity events a door prize is often given out to encourage people to purchase a chance to win it, as a fund raiser.

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An award is indeed what you get for an excellent achievement, like Hugh Laurie received for his Dr House series. And funnily enough he works in a ward (enfermaria no hospital)!

A prize would be like winning the lottery. You would be so sur-prize-d, you would fall of your chair and end up in the same ward at the hospital!

Hope that is clearer!!