Beach, country or city? Why?

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The threes are good, but I prefer the city because i'm already used to it.
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Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 335 9
I like cities better, but I love to chill out in the country from time to times.
The perfect city to me is the one which have a lot of green spots, mountains with downhill trails hahaha, and no congestion, transit on it!
Actually i'm in an impasse between city and country, 'cause i love the progress of technology and society although the price is the nature very times. and i would like to live in the country and work on it to my own survive optimizing resources, living in the silence.
Avatar do usuário Lucas PAYNE 260 7
Definitely city , I can't imagine myself livin without pollution. :mrgreen:
City! Because I can find everything I need.
Here in rio de Janeiro you live in the city, but the city is in the beach...

In general we see the sea wherever we go and we go there when it's possible. Sometimes only to drink a beer/water/juice while seeing the waves and sometimes to enjoy the day under the sun.

So I love the city, but I can't imagine myself living in a place without a beach in the neighborhood. São Paulo, for exemple, is not for me.
I love the city, the noise, the traffic jam, the nice craziness... I would never give up on living in the city.
Country, of course! I'd like to live closer to the nature. I do love silence and all the kinds of peace. I'm sure if I could spend sometime in hinterlands It'd be a bully time!
Avatar do usuário Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
The ideal for me seems to be a mix between the country and the city. I like cosmopolitan places, but they don’t need to be chaotic and cacophonous. :?
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I can't imagine myself far from the vibrant atmosphere of the city.