Biscuit x cookie: Qual a diferença

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In the U.S a cookie is that kind of industrial product that you can see right here

In the U.S a biscuit is like a bread or a cake and is usually salty that we can see below

In England a biscuit is an american cookie

More details concerning Canada and other countries just visit this link from Wikipédia

Take care! :D

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Biscuits and cookies can be baked in bakeries or at home. Cookies made of oatmeal and raisins or with chocolate chips are probably the most common of home baked cookies.

Biscuits are NOT salty in the American sense. I have never eaten one that tasted salty. They are bread substitutes, especially in the countryside, and they are usually eaten with butter. In restaurants, biscuits with butter are sometimes served to people awaiting their orders. Cakes? No, they are not cakes. Cookies are pastries but not biscuits.
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