Bloat x Swell: Qual a diferença

Essa duas palavras significam 'inchar'. E eu gostaria de sabe a diferença, se houver, entre essas duas palavras.
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Bloat is "inchar", more used to refer to "inchaço da barriga" (a bloated stomach) due to gas accumulation.

There are other concepts on that one, but I will be dealing with the pair bloat vs swell.
Other related expression is i.e. having a bloated ego.
as in: The promotion has bloated his ego to an alarming degree.

verb: bloat; 3rd person present: bloats; gerund or present participle: bloating; past tense: bloated; past participle: bloated

make or become swollen with fluid or gas.
"the fungus has bloated their abdomens"

noun: bloat

a disease of livestock characterized by an accumulation of gas in the stomach.

bloat (bloʊt)
1. to expand or distend, as with air or water; puff up.
2. to become swollen.

Swell is "inchar" and more often used in English, it can be used in a literal way and as a figure of speech as well.

"The water swells the wood" (literally)
The toothache made her face swell up. (literally)

Too pleased with oneself; conceited. He's very swollen-headed about his success.
(figure of speach.)

Here plenty of definitions to "swell" on context, anyway as I said before, I
stuck to the "inchar" definition. Viz-à-viz with "bloat"