Brazil: "Chasing the Dream"

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From today's Guardian, an article about Haitians trying to enter Brazil ends with the following:

"Chasing the dream

Throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries migrant workers flocked to South America chasing the "Brazilian dream".

Foreign workers were widely seen as a key ingredient for economic growth, particularly after Brazil abolished slavery in 1888.

Germans were among the first to arrive, colonising large areas of southern Brazil from the 1820s onwards. In some corners of Brazil's deep south, German is still spoken as a first language.

Between the mid-1870s and 1920 as many as 1.5 million Italian immigrants touched down in south and south-east Brazil. Today there are about 25 million Brazilians of Italian descent.

Between 1908 and the 1960s up to 250,000 Japanese immigrants arrived, many fleeing rural poverty.

The majority set sail for Sao Paulo and went to work in the region's coffee plantations; others headed for the Amazon.

Today Brazil is said to house the largest Japanese population outside Japan. Last year's census counted at least 2 million Brazilians of Asian descent."

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