Brazil's education challenge in bid to be world player

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Reportagem muito interessante (e preocupante) sobre a atual situação da educação no Brasil.

"Eric and Raquel live in Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paulo, but although their schools are just 40km (25 miles) apart, there is a world of difference in the education they are getting."


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People around the world is becoming aware of basic education in the developing countries.But the fact is that this vary from teacher to teacher.Yes,most of them are not well prepared but there are a few that knows how to present yourself as a serious teacher that knows ecxacly what he's teaching the class.Brazil meu brasil. :arrow:
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That stats dates back to 2006. I believe things have greatly improved since then. Better education actually sees a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. And speaking for myself, it has found lots of room for improvement. If only we could get all the kids back into school...
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The information in the chart is from 2006 but all the other content of the article refers to the present situation, including ENEM 2010.
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The main problem is that our authorities and "human rights" took off the authority of the teachers. Most part of students do not respect their teachers anymore and are becoming less and less interested to learn in a properly way.