Breed of crisis - Tradução em português

Hi everyone!

I was reading an article about IT the other day, but then I faced a sentence that I couldn't understand: "...because those rhetorical terms fit the narratives being put together by the latest breed of crisis journalists."

What does the word 'BREED' mean in this context? It means 'geração'?

Happy 2022!

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Eu prefiro a palavra "tipo/categoria/classe", could be generation (geração) in the sense of "naipe/espécie/(esse) genéro". Breed here is informal for "type of/group of...(people, journalists, lineup, etc).
But, yes it could be "geração" in this sense. Especially in this casse, where it specifies a kind of Breed (class/generation/type) what breed of Journalists? The breed of Crisis Journalists". There will be other breeds: breed of disruptive journalists/breed of journalists that value truth, etc. That is journalists taken in "sets" or "types"