Can I take any trains to New York? x Can I take any train to New York?

Wich is correct, Can I take any trains to New York? Or Can I take any train to New York?

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Hi Victor!

When you say "Can I take any trains to New York?", it sounds as if there were at least two trains heading for New York, and you wish to know whether it is possible for you to choose any of them. Conversely, by saying "Can I take any train to New York?", it sounds that there are a good number of trains heading for NY and no matter whichever you choose, you're getting ther.
But, to be honest, even not being a netive speaker, the first sentence sounds a little bit awkward to me.

That's it
Leonardo96 15 237
The way I see is that if you said "Can I take any TRAINS" it would imply that you'd have to make multiple trips on different trains to get to your destination. Then again, I'm not even sure if there's such a thing as having to take more than one train to get to one specific destination as I'm not very used to traveling by train myself so I could just be talking out of my But that's what the sentence with the plural form sounds like to me.
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