Can the word 'Please' be used in this way?

Tiago Tafari Catelam 130 2
I was watching the video below and it left me with a question. At the end of the video (at 9:12 to be more precise) Celso Amorim and the interviewer didn't seem to have understood each other.

Clearly (for Portuguese speakers) our current foreign minister was saying "please" so the woman could repeat what she was asking him. But the woman didn't seem to have understood that. I'm pretty sure she misunderstood Amorim. I think she thought he was trying to say something like: "Please, let me talk!", instead of "Please, go ahead!" (which was what Celso Amorim meant).

After seeing that, I began to wonder: could the word "please" be used like Celso Amorim tried to use it? Once the woman didn't understand him, I don't think it could be possible. Am I right?

Here is the video:
Thank you all in advance! ;)
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dlr 85
I don't think 'please' is the best word to use here. I think the best options for the situation you are describing (to tell the other person to talk) would be:
a. Go ahead
b. I'm sorry?
c. Pardon?
d. Come again?

And to say that you want to talk:
a. If I may, ....
b. I'll just say this, ...
I can't think of any more