Can you live without your cell phone?

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w.slayman escreveu:
thiagogothai escreveu:I can't live without it cause its the only way that I have to be connected with my friends and my musics.


If you do not mind I would like to suggest two minor changes to your post. Please use because instead of the slang cause, and the word my before music is redundant.

Thank you for letting me try to help you with your English.

Thank's for your help Bill, I agree with you!!!!
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w.slayman escreveu:WHAT THE HECK IS A CELL PHONE?

Actually I know what a cell phone is, and I can get along without one without any difficulty what so ever. As a matter of fact I did not have or use one until after Cris and I got married in 2001. She insisted on both of us having one so if something happened to me, like being killed in an auto accident, I could call her, or vice-versa.

For Fathers Day this year my step sons, Rodrigo and Ricardo, bought me a new Razor cell phone, which is cool, I guess, but all I use it for is the basic telephone. For pictures I have film cameras, for writing letters I have pen and paper, for email and research I have my computer, etc. And DO NOT even think about getting me started about games on phones or computers! :lol:

I guess that after 66 years I am just too old fashioned and set in my ways to appreciate the modern contrivances that you young whippersnappers love so much. :lol:

Words to Look Up:
Whippersnapper :lol:

Bill, will you really call your wife if it happens to be killed in a car accident? :lol: :lol:
I use Cell phone just to make calls and to receive phone calls too. :D So, I bought a cheaper one this time and I think that because of that it has broken so quickly. :cry:
Regarding especially and specially I got confused, but I will check them out better, I promise.

Absolutely! But it'll be a lack, my cell phone is my watch! Without it I won't be punctual in my tasks! And I won't have my Walkman, my musics touching e making me calmer at hard moments! I won't have a way of communication with anyone! Ok, I change my answer, it's... Yes, I can live without my cell phone, but I won't be myself anymore.
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53

If I make an effort, perhaps I can, but as far as I use it also to work, it is one of the ways to be in contact with customers and suppliers, so it is essencial to do my job. In that way, things turn a little bit complicated if I don't have this way of contact. All other matters about a cell phone could be managed. I believe that you must control yourself about the use of it, then everything is gonna be alright. You must use the cell phone, the cell phone must not use you!

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Now and then I will leave my cell phone behind at home. Leaving it behind, however, does not constitute a source of trouble for me. The fewer times it rings, the better I feel comfortable. Fewer people have gone to the trouble of phoning me, my wife included, on a daily basis.
I use the cell phone only for see the time and listening musics, but I prefer listening music on my MP5 and see the time on MP5. I hardly ever use the cell phone to make phone call, only for emergencies.
Avatar do usuário Jerry Dorien 1390 3 34
of couse we can, other day I was over training about first aid in DETRAN-AM, I remember something very fun that the instructor said, he told in an amusing way:
-We must take priorities on serious cases:
-Without stomach we can live.
-Without spleen we can live.
-Without gall bladder we can live.
-Without pancreas we can live.
-But without heart we cannot live.
-Without a brain we cannot live.

it was just for fun !!! don`t get me wrong !!! I have cell phone, but without it I think we had to discover other resources to communicate.
I don't know. Because I really need my cell phone for many things.
I think I can, but I know that would miss it in some situations.If this question was made, maybe, two or three years before I would say "I can totally live without it, actually I don't even have a cellphone because I hate telephones", I used to say to my mother "I hate answering calls, the person never wants to talk with me and even if the call is for me, it's never something good". Yes, I was pretty pessimistic back then haha.
But then, one christmas my family brought a cellphone as a surpise for me, they said that I needed one so they could find me when I was not at home. A simple one (high tech gadgets are nice, but probably I would be afraid to use a expensive cellphone on the street), and now I have to agree that it's very handy.
Well, I used to forget to carrry it with me a lot (or to recharge the battery), but since I started to work sometimes familiars look for me to lunch together, my boyfriend sometimes calls or texts me on the middle of the day and I use to remember the phones fo my contacts (I have even my own cellphone on my agenda hah, blame my terrible memory for phone numbers) so nowadays I have it always on my sight.
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Of course no!