Can you live without your cell phone?

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I don't know, I never tried this before... But I guess that I can't. I stay on my cellphone 24/7, I would become crazy XD
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I would live only more 30 minutes. Believe, I started seeing the light... :O
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I think I could, maybe I am more of a slave of computers. They are in my life all over the place, at the work, at home, at school. A nightmare of sorts, when there´s a momentary black-out or something I get mad as a wet hen, he he.
That´s more, I had some not so enviable experiences with mobile/cell phones.
Once my cell phone fell off my hand and dived happily into the sea.
Yesterday I set the alarm to wake up by 6 o´clock, but the cell had fell into the floor, from the bed. Needless to say that the device and its battery soon parted ways. Resulted that the time was set, a.m. turned p.m. I wake up with the sun slapping me in the face, the alarm never went off...
Absolutely not. I think my cell fone is very important in my life, especialy wen you have children. Wen I forgot my cell fone it makes me crazy!
Yes, I can.

Now, I prefer to go out without my cell phone. Because I can´t stand people keep on calling me after I said it's the wrong number.
I just can't go to the bathroom without it. It's something important for a person who hates internet like me. I have to answer the phone every time it rings, or I can lose many important things. Of course, the world was better when we didn't have so much thing to do, or so many things to remember all the time. But nowadays, we just can't runaway from that.
It's impossible for me 'cause I access the mobile Internet ... =D
No, I can't. I use it as calculator, alarm, FM radio and other functions. My cell phone ins't a smartphone, it's cheaper and simpler, but I love it and can't live without it anymore!!!

Am I like insane? hehehe
No, I can't !
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I think, nowadays, it's impossible. However, you can't permit your cell phone controls you. When it happens, you will be in trouble. You shouldn't be addicted at cell phone or at other kind of technology.