Can you live without your cell phone?

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Never ever! I use my cellphone for everything, since send messages to study for my tests. It's impossible for me to live without it, but one day in the past I got with no cellphone and survive. I cried a little but... Details rsrsrs.
Yes, I can. I agree that smartphones are very usefull on day routine, I can read my e-mails, I can communicate to my friends, but just the necessary. I just can't stay front at the cellphone screen's for much hours.
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I can do this. Just give a watch... I just depend on the cell phone because I'm not used to use a watch. So... About other apps, I can do without them.
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Of course I can! I'm much better off outside the Matrix.
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If I didn't have my cell phone anymore, I'd have to use a notebook to keep track of all my notes and tasks. :)
Probably not, I always use my cell phone during the day. At first, I use my cell phone as a alarm in the morning, furthermore I check my e-mails and talk to other people on Whatsapp every time. My cell phone also serves to pratice my English, because I listen podcast through it.
I can't live without my mobile phone! I need my phone to use the internet, to talk with my friends and to use for financial payments! I never want lose it! :o
Yes, I can. My mobile phone is very useful, but doesn't solve all my problems.
Sure! At the moment, i am without my cell phone, it's very difficult, but I can accustom. And it's better, because now, i have time to study and do all my responsibilities. ;)
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Hi folks!
From my point of view is impossible live without cell phone, because nowadays cell phone is not just to call, but we can surfing on the internet, use chats and send email, por exemplo. It's usefull! They help us in ours daily life. Then we can also have a fun and talk with ours family and friends when we have a break.