'Cause x because: Qual a diferença?

Obrigado a todos, e espero que essa pergunta tenha sido útil para outras pessoas.

God bless you guys.
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Estou estudando a pouco tempo e estou encontrando essa e varias dicas muito uteis.
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They (´cause and because) are one and the same, in meaning. Difference, none.
Of course, it is more likely to be found in music lyrics and spoken by some groups in America (the US). But when we are going to make an academical text, say, an essay, thesis or something like that, it´s a no no!

In informal places where you use colloquial ways, when engaged in relaxed conversations, you can use it. But using it in more formal settings may harm the communication and even be seen as non-polite (say, at some workplaces, with some people some years senior than you etc.). It could be seen/felt as if you were at the beach in tux and wearing a tie, or at the church in a Mass in trunks or swimsuits.

Your audience is the name of the game.
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