Chamamos barriga de estômago (stomach) em inglês?

Encontrei essa figura e algo me chamou a atenção: Onde está a barriga (belly)? Notei que eles apontam pra ela e a chamam de estômago (stomach). Isso é comum por lá? Não é comum usarem uma palavra própria para barriga?

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As in Portuguese sometimes we use the word "stomach" meaning "estômago" and other times to mean "barriga". There´s some intersection in meaning, so sometimes they can be interchangeable. It goes with context.

For instance, it could be "barriga":
My stomach hurts.
My stomach is bloated.
I was already having butterflies in my stomach.
Take 1 capsule per day on an empty stomach, preferably two hours after the evening meal.
(here - barriga OR estômago).

After an alcoholic drink is consumed, the alcohol is absorbed rapidly from the stomach and intestine into the bloodstream. (estômago).
By then I already felt sick, nauseated, with pain in my stomach and diarrhea. (could be translated into "estômago" or "barriga".)
It's just that my stomach isn't bothering me anymore.

Here certainly "estômago":
For five years during the time I had my stomach problem, yeah.
My lips felt cold and stiff, and my stomach hurt.

Here "estômago" or "abdomem":
Any tummy tuck surgery evaluation must be done after this period.

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck or abdominal dermolipectomy, seeks to enhance the waist and the lines in the region by removing the excess skin and creating an abdominal firmness.
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Um médico falaria stomach.
Belly é mais informal.
Mas estômago é uma parte específica da barriga, e que ainda fica dentro dela. Se eu tenho um sinal ou um corte um pouco acima do umbigo, eu vou dizer que tenho um sinal/corte no estômago?
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Stomach (biology) an organ in the body where food is digested

Your stomach is also the front part of your body near the waist.

Ref. dictionary.cambridge
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"Stretch marks (striae) are common to the stomach in many women, particularly as the result of pregnancy."
Então você confirma minha teoria de quê os falantes da língua inglesa chamam barriga de estômago o.O.
NeyF escreveu:Um médico falaria stomach.
Belly é mais informal.
Então, sempre que falarmos de barriga, o ideal é usar stomach, mesmo? Belly seria tão feio quanto "bucho"?
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Belly seria tão feio quanto "bucho"?
Ser informal não quer dizer que é feio. Belly é comumente usado no dia a dia.

Em casa uma pessoa poderia dizer belly ou stomach. Uma criança provavelmente diria belly ou tummy, um médico mais provavelmente diria stomach ou abdomen.
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1. (internamente) = stomach, tummy (pl -mmies)
▶ tummy é característico da linguagem infantil, mas é usado também por adultos.

dor de barriga = stomachache/tummy ache.

Ex.: Estou com dor de barriga.
>> I have a stomachache./I have a tummy ache.

2. (pança)= belly (pl -llies)

Ex.: Ele tem uma barriga enorme.
>> He has a huge belly.

REFERENCE: Longman Dictionary. Pearson Education. 2009.
(online) 2 25 393
Outra análise que podemos fazer:

- Internamente [o órgão não é visível] = tummy / stomach.
- Externamente [a barriga é saliente / visível] = belly.

Nota: "Barriga" é uma palavra vulgar para abdome (In English: abdomen). De acordo com a norma culta da língua portuguesa, temos apenas as palavras: abdome ou abdômen (PT-BR) e abdómen (PT).

(PT-BR) = Português brasileiro.
(PT) = Português europeu.
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In the US stomach generally is used for both the interior organ and the exterior abdomen.

- The child has a stomach ache
-All girls want to have a flat stomach
-The man was punched in the stomach.
-Don't drink on an empty stomach.
-I think this dress makes my stomach look fat.
-The stomach is part of the digestive system.
-Some people like to sleep on their stomachs.

Belly is also used but often in a negative way.

-"Look at the beer belly on that man!" (A fat protruding abdomen often blamed on excessive beer consumption)
-Stop belly-aching! (Para de reclamar!)
-Eating wheat can cause belly fat.

Abdomen is used in the context of fitness. (often abbreviated as abs)
-The physical therapist gave me some abdominal exercises to do at home
-Athlete: The coach had us working our abs at practice today.

There is one use of belly that is universal and common: belly button (umbilico? Umbigo? Which is it? ) It would be very funny to hear "stomach button." ha ha ha.

In some places belly ache is used instead of stomach ache, especially with children. Although where I live we always say stomach ache, not belly ache.

There also is the phrase "belly flop" which is when you dive into the water flat on your stomach.

The boy did a belly flop into the pool and splashed everyone.

Also "belly up" which means to go out of business.

The company went belly up when the founder was arrested on tax fraud.

"Belly up" also means to approach a bar to get a drink. (Not common or polite so don't say it.)

In conclusion, belly can be used interchangeably with stomach. I always say stomach except when referring to the belly button or to belly fat.