Chat with sales reps in English for free

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In a recent article by guest reader (Leitor Convidado) robots were recommended as chat partners for the shy. I agree that robots like A.L.I.C.E. can be helpful in practicing English if your friends are not online at the moment. The robot will make responses in correct English, and you can expand your vocabulary by looking up any unfamiliar words the robot types.

Another possibility for practicing authentic English is to take advantage of the live help chats for services on the internet. Today I asked the people at wiziq how they pronounce their company name. The sales rep told me it is pronounced Wiz as in wizard and I.Q. as in Intelligence Quotient.

I caution you not to abuse the kindness of the live chat representatives, but if you sign up for a free wiziq account, you will have legitimate questions that you can ask in the live chat help window.

Many of you will be familiar with . In addition to some teaching rooms for English learners, they also have help rooms in audio! You can try to communicate with the paltalk personnel about how to use paltalk (set up your own room, set your system settings, etc.).

I am sure you can think of other companies to chat with, as well. And how about telemarketers? With skype you can call companies to find out about their products.

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