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Hello folks!

"What's later than the morning? But it will not be the dawn the dawn of a new day..."

"The darkest hour is just before the dawn."
Thomas Fuller

After some months in which I was not able to be here I took advantage to learn a little bit about myself. Actually, Eager to com back and share I never forgot to practice English, although physically I could not manage my everyday activities and especially my studies the way I wanted to.
Now I am getting over and day by day I will be available here, more and more. At least I hope to do so.

It's really good to see you all!

Thanks a lot for being such good teachers.
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I am glad you came, I am glad you came! ;-)
We know that everyone has a life out there, and that we need to do things that take time, it´s life (ces´t la vie).
What matters most is that participate from time to time, and that you feel at ease and welcome here. And that you enjoy himself and learn something in the process.
As the British would say "welcome back, folk!"