(CNN) Brazil sends military troops to violence-plagued Rio

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (CNN) -- Authorities sent in the military to help authorities quell violence that continued Friday in the slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, with criminal gangs torching at least two more buses and five cars before dawn, state media reported.
At the Complexo do Alemao, or German Complex, in northern Rio, some 800 soldiers joined hundreds of police from the Special Operations Battalion, federal police and marines, state-run Agencia Brasil reported Friday.
Police and drug gangs exchanged shots during the night.
A key drug ring leader in the German Complex, 24-year-old Thiago Ferreira Faria, was shot and killed during Friday's police operations, according to Brazil's military police website.

Earlier Friday, Defense Minister Nelson Jobim met with the governor of Rio de Janeiro state, Sergio Cabral, and security authorities of the federal and state governments. The Army agreed to make available 10 armored vehicles and the Navy offered three helicopters, according to the news agency.


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Adriano Japan 2 20
Repórter português fazendo a cobertura:

http://tv1.rtp.pt/noticias/?t=O-Rio-de- ... 94968&tm=7
Adriano Japan 2 20
Nossa,o Ulisses não dorme no ponto mesmo!
Vi agora que poucas horas da divulgação da notícia,ele postou a tradução no blog dele,cheia de explicações interessantes.

http://www.teclasap.com.br/blog/2010/11 ... lagued-rio
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Do the forum users believe now Rio de Janeiro will finally drive all the criminal gangs out of town? If the forum users do, do you think displaced criminal gangs will seek shelter and refuge (and eventually rebuild their [drug] empire) in other States? With reference to criminal gang displacement, should the other States do as Rio de Janeiro now does? Should our federal authorities institutionalize the death penalty or not? Would you join a lynching mob? Tell us why not!
Adriano Japan 2 20
I personally believe this is the beginning of the peace, urged over decades by the people of Rio.
Of course we cannot blindly hope in the crime rates going down to the bottom, but from this sunday forward, the people can celebrate a life without bullets flying over their heads and mace bombs in their eyes.
I hope Dude Spell is sound and safe, far away from the mess ;)

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