Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

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Letícia Rocha
I prefer Coke, because I think tastier.
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Lucianus Martins 10
Neither of them. They're very bad for our health. I stopped drinking these things some time ago and nowadays I don't even miss them.

kah_honma 20
Coca-Cola for sure.

Rodrigo Duhau
Coke tastes much better. Pepsi is a coke that doesn't work.

Emanuel On-line 1170 1 4 19
I prefer Pepsi because I think a more little lighter and with less gas.

beatriz lorrayne
I love coke, for me one is better than pepsi.

Vinicius Strickland
I prefer Pepsi !!!!

lucas.jien 10
For God's sake, soft drink is not a trick idea as you're thrist. Both Coke and Pepsi have artificial composition - this is not good for a healthy body. Besides, always has the risk to find a rat inside the bottle if you have bad luck. Hehehehe.
I often prefer juices and water.

Actually, I prefer juice or water! It's more healthy

Diego Pikulski 2100 2 5 42
I drink both of them. But coke has a special taste when I'm thirsty :lol:

Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
Coke, undoubtedly! I'm addicted to sugar... :(

None of them. Once they're unhealthy drinks. I'd rather drink water or juice than Coke 'n Pepsi. That's all.

Raquel Dantas
Hello all,

I prefer juices, but i like coke too, because pepsi have taste like remedy. :)

Sil Cardoso
I don't drink soda, but Coke is better.

I think Pepsi tastes like aluminum. Coke tastes more sugar, it's better of course.

Linn 10
Coke for sure! But if there's no Coke ok I drink Pepsi. However I prefer juices, they are more healthy.

learningrafa 40 2
Of course I prefer Coke. Coke is better than pepsi, more fizzy. Pepsi gets an artificial strong sweet flavour that I hate! However, the best soda for me is Itubaina!!! rsrsrs... Old times!

Khadija Bint 70
I don't usually drink any soda. I think that juices is very good for my healthy.
I always drink orange juice and mango juices in my lunch.

NandaraLima 50 1
Neither. I hate Coke, and I don't like Pepsi. I drink just juice.

I prefer coke because taste better.

I prefer Coke.... :mrgreen:

Bruno objane
I prefer coke because is more taste than pepsi

Maria Eli
I'm prefer drinks of fruits or water, is very good!

Anyone! I love soft drinks and no matter what people say.. Hehe

Jonas Machado 730 10
Both are fine, but I'd probably stick with Pepsi if I had to choose one.

ENG_rafael 10
Hi there, to be honest I like both, however if I should choose one, it would be Coke... Pepsi isn't so delicious as Coke is.

sunshine44 20
Water is healthy drink, soda is not a healthy drink, reason I drink water and not Pepsi or Coke, but sometimes I drink Coke or Pepsi, but between Coke or Pepsi, I'm going to pick up Pepsi.

I prefer a delicious and refreshing orange juice!!! :)

There's only Pepsi... Can it be?

Nilberto Melo
I like Coke and juice. But i prefer Coke...