Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

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Before I prefer coke, but lately pepsi has been better
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I usually don't like any soda. I prefer water. It's more health/healthiest.


When I drink pepsi I not taste the gas, do you understand me?!?


Éwerton Magno
Actually, I dislike both. I prefer some orange juice, it's healthier.

thaynara santos
Coke tastes much better!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Paulo Cerqueira 10
Neither coke nor pepsi, I prefer passion fruit juice.

It's better for health and has no bad chemicals.

None, both are unhealthy.

i prefer pepsi. it's more tasty for me ;)

Frank Florida 210 5
If I have a choice between the two I prefer coke, but I'm actually trying to get over my soft drink addiction... if you wanna have a drink, dry a hard one instead... like water! Haa. Recently I've been mixing fruit juices with sparkling water or soda water, it tastes like a soft drink but it's a LOT more healthy.


COKE of course!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Job
Coke with the friends, Pepsi with a girlfriend, the Coke have very gas, but quenches thirst, the Pepsi is more tasty, but have more sugar. But if there is only one choice, Off course, Pepsi Twist is the better!!!

felipeh6 2255 7 56
I prefer Coke, but not because of the beverage. I prefer it coz of the brand and the marketing around it.

I like Coke with lemon, is very very good o/

Marlon X19 1035 5 16
Actually, I like more Pepsi than coke... I don't know, exactly, why,but maybe I like more pepsi because it's sweeter than coke... :P

marlene mattos
I prefer Coke!!!

I tried to have some Pepsi when I was 14 or so (yes, the peer pressure in my lifetime...) and hated that.
Years later, I had a very good time watching people drinking Coke from different parts of the world when I visited the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta GA...;o)

I don't usually drink any soda, only if there's anything else to drink!

Jerry Dorien 1585 4 43
I like Coke, I saw an email that many people was saying that Coke was made by devil, so someone replies "at last he did something good".

I like Coke, because the original soft drink

Joao Cleber dh
I like when I'm so thirsty

adriano78 980 1 19
I dislike both. :mrgreen:

Ricardoq5 10
I don't usually drink any soda. I gotta keep fit ;)

Nathan Menezes 85 3
I like Pepsi, because it is a good drink for me.

Savio 001
Juice ;)

Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94

Question: Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

Examples of answers:

- Coke tastes much better!
- I prefer Pepsi because it is sweeter and cheaper.
- Whatever! They taste the same!
- May I have some water instead?
- I don't usually drink any soda.

Now it is your turn!