Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

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Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94
Question: Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

Examples of answers:

- Coke tastes much better!
- I prefer Pepsi because it is sweeter and cheaper.
- Whatever! They taste the same!
- May I have some water instead?
- I don't usually drink any soda.

Now it is your turn!
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I tried to have some Pepsi when I was 14 or so (yes, the peer pressure in my lifetime...) and hated that.
Years later, I had a very good time watching people drinking Coke from different parts of the world when I visited the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta GA...;o)

Actually, I prefer juice or water! It's more healthy

adriano78 980 1 19
I dislike both. :mrgreen:

Alexandre Leggieri
Hi Flavia, my name is Breno and i Have 13 years old.

In Brazil people prefer Coke, and in USA people prefer Pepsi.

In my opinion im prefer some Coke. Love forever. hehehehe

Antonio Lane
What is Coke? - do you know it?

beatriz lorrayne
I love coke, for me one is better than pepsi.

I don't like soft drink I prefer juice or water

Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
Coke, undoubtedly! I'm addicted to sugar... :(

Bruno objane
I prefer coke because is more taste than pepsi

brunoflorentino 20
I prefer Coke 'cos Pepsi has medicament taste ( in my opinion, of course) haha.
Anyway, I can't drink soda :(

Camila Gabriella 70 2
Coke is the best of all! Her taste is unique!

Camilla Gagliardi 10
I prefer pepsi, but at the moment I'm drinking juice only.

None of them. Once they're unhealthy drinks. I'd rather drink water or juice than Coke 'n Pepsi. That's all.

I love coke.
Pepsi is disgusting.

dayoff 5
I don't drink soda.

Deborah Abreu
I prefer Coke.I like coke

Deborah Abreu
I don't like coke.I like guarana...

Diego Pikulski 2100 2 5 42
I drink both of them. But coke has a special taste when I'm thirsty :lol:

Emanuel On-line 1170 1 4 19
I prefer Pepsi because I think a more little lighter and with less gas.

ENG_rafael 10
Hi there, to be honest I like both, however if I should choose one, it would be Coke... Pepsi isn't so delicious as Coke is.

Erika Macena
I prefer Coca cola.

fabianaars 10
Hi there!!
Neither of the two options... Usually, I prefer Fanta! :)

felipeh6 2255 7 56
I prefer Coke, but not because of the beverage. I prefer it coz of the brand and the marketing around it.

Frank Florida 210 5
If I have a choice between the two I prefer coke, but I'm actually trying to get over my soft drink addiction... if you wanna have a drink, dry a hard one instead... like water! Haa. Recently I've been mixing fruit juices with sparkling water or soda water, it tastes like a soft drink but it's a LOT more healthy.

I like Coke with lemon, is very very good o/

Jerry Dorien 1585 4 43
I like Coke, I saw an email that many people was saying that Coke was made by devil, so someone replies "at last he did something good".

Joao Cleber dh
I like when I'm so thirsty

I usually don't like any soda. I prefer water. It's more health/healthiest.

Jonas Machado 730 10
Both are fine, but I'd probably stick with Pepsi if I had to choose one.