College Humor

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Hello my friends , how've you been?

Today I'm going to talk about a youtube channel very cool.
This channel named College Humor and they have many fun videos about humor ,
they talk with another people on the street, interviews, all in english.
Probably the native speakers can tell we more about this channel.


Sorry my mistakes but you know what they say "to err is human "
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their stuff is hilarious! I can post other similar channels if you want.
Would be awesome, dlr! Please, post these stuff!
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The Onion
-The Onion is a fake news show

funny or die
-this video is guys pretending to be girls

-ed bassmaster does pranks

human giant
-comedy show that used to be on MTV

whitest kids u know
-another comedy group. this video makes fun of the way American government tries to hide the truth

if I think of more I'll post them too