Como colocar verbos no infinitivo? (Ajuda em prova final)

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I don´t, unless I am convinced by someone (I never say never). In general a to-do list (which is equivalent to "things that I have to do") have items in this way:

Example of a to-do list (a check-list goes this way too.)

--Go to the park.
--House cleaning. (implicit - do the house-cleaning.)
--Book a day to travel to Florianopolis.
--Hike in the Tijuca Forest.

Now, in the case of one of them (or both) being the subject of the sentence, then you should use it/them in his gerund form:

Cleaning is good to improve housing conditions. (a limpeza é uma coisa benéfica para melhorar a habitabilidade da casa.)

Swimming is a good sport. (a natação é um excelent esporte.)