Como diz "A grande bruxa da literatura brasileira" em inglês

Hi guys
How can I say this sentence in English: A grande bruxa da literatura brasileira?
Essa imagem se consolida, e Clarice é referida como "a grande bruxa da literatura brasileira".

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Pensei em algo como:

"Brazilian Literature's Great Witch" ou "The Great Witch of Brazilian Literature";

Readers and book critics (do) picture CL as "The Great Witch of Brazilian Literature" as she lives/lived up to the lively reputation she earned through years of relentless writing.

Vamos aguardar outras sugestões.
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Yes, her biography in English and the rumour that didn´t pass unchecked by the NYT and her biographer Benjamin Moser.
So, they quote that she was dubbed “The Great Witch of Brazilian Literature.” by people in Brazil, don´t if it was out of her habits of consulting astrologers and card readers. (NYT cite that). Or because of In 1975 she was invited to the First World Congress of Sorcery in Bogotá, an event which garnered wide press coverage and increased her notoriety.
Anyway, I prefer to think that an apt description of her would be "the greatest enigmatic writer of Brazil.", beggining from her changing of name when came to Brazil, the fact of being of the child of a poor immigrant and having attended the prestigious Ginásio Pernambucano, the second most important secondary school at the time.
Anyway, enigmatic and very talented, hats off to her writing skills.
In fact, if it was to give credence to what the people of time said, we should consider Paulo Coelho or Joanne Rowling (J.K. Rowling) and many others would be front runners to the title. :-) ... ctive.html
Thank you guys!
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It was great to be of help, you are most welcome!