Como dizer "a ocasião faz o ladrão" em inglês

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Português: a ocasião faz o ladrão
Inglês: opportunity makes a thief

I have heard this expression referring to actual theft by someone who wouldn't normally be a thief. If, for example, you leave something very valuable lying around unprotected, even if nobody comes with the intention of stealing it, opportunity may prove to be tempting and turn an ordinary citizen into a thief. - Wordreference

  1. Mr. Cooper thought of himself as a moral man. But opportunity makes a thief, and with the safe unguarded he had the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars undetected.

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Although it is true that this is an old British proverb, it is seldom heard or used in English today. In Portuguese and Spanish (and other languages too), it seems to be quite common. Possibly this reflects a cultural difference in how thefts are regarded.