Como dizer "Acabou a mamata" em inglês

Sei que "mamata" é breeze, né?

Mas tenho dúvida sobre a expressão.

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Corruption gravy train is over.

The Free-Marketing Gravy Train Is Over on Facebook.

The gravy train is over as studios begin making you pay for 3-D glasses

Oscars red carpet:'The gravy train is over' for TV stations and networks (A spot on the Oscars' red carpet now comes with a price.) Source: Los Angeles Times.

From the site Idioms4you

Friend 1: I am worried about my son. He is a grown adult now and I have always given him the best of everything. I have given him a huge allowance and all the toys he could want. He has cars and motorcycles and boats and game systems and a home theatre. I have always sent him to the best schools. What happens when he has to make it on his own in life?

Friend 2: Perhaps you should cut off his gravy train so that he can start to learn to earn his own way.

Friend 1: You are probably right but it will be a big shock for my son.